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Perennials & Grasses

These plants are herbaceous non-woody plants. Perennials & Grasses die back to the ground every fall and reemerge in the spring. Most have a showy flower which makes for a low maintenance plant.   

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Includes Information & Pictures

Perennials & Grasses Catalog

  • Perennials & Grasses listed are not limited to what is available. Please call/email to find out what special sizes or types of plants can be ordered.

Looking for more information and pictures of a certain plant? 

Here are a few online resources for information and pictures.  

Sizes Available

Shrubs are sold mostly in containers. Containers come in mostly 1 gallon, 3 gallons, 5 gallons, and 10 or 15 gallons. The picture below shows the different sizes. We usually recommend buying #3 (3 gallon) plants. It makes a not to small or to big of a plant. Ideal plants at a ideal price.

Questions on how to take care of your newly purchased plants? Take a look at our guide to taking care of your plants. Click above.  

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