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Mulch Products

We have four different kinds of black and brown mulch. Don't know how much you need? Use the cubic yards calculator to help determine what you need. Please call or stop by for more information on products, current promotions and prices. Delivery or pick-up is available. Call/Text 419-953-1238 to make an appointment to set up your delivery or to be loaded. 

We Deliver!

A small fee between $20-$80 will be charged for delivery depending on location. 

Buy in large quantity and save! 

Purchase 10-19 yards - $1.00 Off Per Yard

Purchase 20+ yards - $2.00 Off Per Yard

Black Velvet Dyed Mulch

Bulk Price: $38.00 / Yard - Triple Processed Premium Mulch - Makes your Landscape "Stand Out" - A Great Fine Textured & Long Lasting Color - "You will be impressed by this Mulch!" Our most popular mulch!

Black Natural Dyed Mulch

Bulk Price: $32.00 / Yard - A slightly courser mulch than the velvet. Hasn't been aged as long as black velvet. A cheaper route to get that black mulch in the landscape without losing much quality. A great value!

"Black Gold" Undyed Brown Mulch

Bulk Price: $38.00 / Yard - A fine textured mulch that obtains its rich, smooth texture through a natural aging process. Looks black when wet, but dries to a dark brown. 

brown mulch.jpg

Brown Natural Undyed Mulch

Bulk Price: $28 / Yard  - This natural dye-free brown mulch is slightly courser and lighter than "Black Gold". A great cheaper option for when looking to mulch your landscape. 

Now Accepting

Credit Cards! 3% Fee Applies

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