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Landscape Design

Uhlenhake Landscape & Design specializes in residential landscape design. With my college formal education and years of experience in design and implementation, I can provide an unique landscape design to meet your needs. 

Utilizing the basic paper drawn designs and the Computer 3-D Graphic Designs together, I can provide you with a more comprehensive look at what your landscape will look like before it's installed. - Alex

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Example of a Computer 3-D Patio Design Presentation

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Landscape & Patio Design

We Plan & Provide,

You Plant!

Do you see an area around your home that needs sprucing up and you are willing to do the work yourself? We have an unique process where we customize a landscape project to fulfill your wants without breaking your budget. The work is divided among the clients and our company to complete a landscape, while also saving money by doing part of the work yourself. Call & ask for details. 


Landscape & Design 

Work will include:

  • A Complete landscape design, plan, and estimate
  • Once approved, providing plant material and other supplies to client
  • Check-up appointments and maintenance packages (if wanted)


  • Once the designs and plans are approved, we provide plant material and other supplies to the client. The client will have the freedom to finish the landscape project on their own using the guidelines we provide them. 

3-D Computer Design



Before Completion

Real Life Computer Design

3-D Computer Design

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