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Broadleaf Trees

These trees are mostly hardwood trees in which there leaves fall off once every year. These trees usually come in ball and burlap or container plants.

Click on PDF Above to View the Catalog

Includes Information & Pictures

Broadleaf Tree Catalog

  • Trees listed in the catalog are not limited to what is available. Please call/email to find out what special sizes or types of trees can be ordered.
  • Sizes of trees are rated by inches of diameter of the truck of the tree. Number of inches compared to height of tree will vary by species. Trees can also come in gallon containers.

Looking for more information and pictures of a certain plant? 

Here are a few online resources for information and pictures.

Tree Benefit Calculator

This calculator shows the annual money benefits a tree provides.

Click Here to find out how much a tree(s) can benefit your property, yourself, and your wallet. 

Questions on how to take care of your newly purchased plants? Take a look at our guide to taking care of your plants. Click above. 

On average, a 12 inch diameter Maple Tree will provide over $132.00 of overall benefits every year.

Now that is a worthy investment!

 Reasons to Plant Trees!

  • “A mature tree can often have an appraised value of between $1,000 and $10,000.” - Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers
  • “Trees properly placed around buildings can reduce air conditioning needs by 30 percent and can save 20–50 percent in energy used for heating.” - USDA Forest Service
  • “If you plant a tree today on the west side of your home, in 5 years your energy bills should be 3% less. In 15 years the savings will be nearly 12%.” - Dr. E. Greg McPherson, Center for Urban Forest Research
  • "According to one govt study, smartly planted windbreaks can reduce heating bills by as much as 15 percent" - Green Gardeners Guide
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