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After Planting Maintenance Practices & Warranty Information

Top 4 Guidelines for All Landscape Plants 

 - The guide lines below are recommended but not required. They do not guarantee plant health and survivability. Many outside conditions and factors can have a major effect on plant health. Scheduling of maintenance activities should be coordinated with seasonal weather conditions.    

1. Watering:Proper and adequate water is critical for plant survival and new root growth. Water should be applied as needed, not by a calendar or clock. This requires careful monitoring of the root ball to ensure it’s moist but not overly wet or dry. A slow, gentle soaking of the root ball is the preferred way to water large trees. Trickle water over the root ball for 30-60 minutes 2x a week. Using gator bags to slowly water trees is also a good practice. Fill the bag with water once a week (twice a week during drought periods) and it will keep the tree root ball well watered.   

For newly planted shrubs and perennials, water them at least 3x a week for the first 3 weeks. After that, water them at least 2x a week (depending on rainfall) until the ground freezes in November. How much to water each time? – If using a hose, turn on the faucet half way and hold over the center of each plant for 10-20 seconds until water starts running off the ground. Let it soak into the soil for a minute and then water them again for up to 10 more seconds. The #1 reason new plants die is due to underwatering! Also, poor drainage and saturated soil due from overwatering displaces oxygen from the roots and results in transplant death. Avoid this by constantly monitoring the soil moisture level of the planted root ball itself. To request gator bags, contact Alex Uhlenhake for questions and assistance.

2. Mulching: Mulching is one of the most beneficial practices that can be done for the health of a plant. Mulch maintains moisture, reduces weeds, and improves soil structure. Cover the bed area around the shrub/tree with about 2 inches of fine mulch. A 5-6ft dia. mulch circle is best for most trees. Keep mulch 1-3 inches away from the plant crown to prevent suffocation and crown rot. If existing thick mulch is present, rake/till existing mulch before applying new mulch. Never exceed a total of 3 inches of old/new mulch combined and NEVER make mulch volcanoes! Removal of old mulch may be necessary. A broad mulch circle is desirable, a deep one is not.

3. Pruning/Trimming:Wait 3-6 months after planting to trim. Only remove broken, damaged, or diseased limbs during planting. With most shrubs/trees, the ideal time to prune is during the dormant season prior to the beginning of new growth. Deciduous plants should be thinned out rather than sheared or cut back. Thinning is done by cutting off a branch where it is attached to the main stem. Unlike shearing, which causes plants to have a leggy appearance, thinning maintains the natural habit of growth of a plant. Use of hand pruners and hedge sheers are acceptable. No more than 1/3 of the plant should be removed at one time. Do NOT Top Trees! Summer flowering plants should be pruned in March when dormant. Spring flowering plants should be pruned/trimmed right after flowering to prevent flower bud loss for the following year. Also deadhead spent flower blossoms and remove dead, diseased or broken branches. Evergreens such as fir, pine and spruce trees require little pruning, unless you want to control their size or improve their fullness. To request a pruning program, contact Alex Uhlenhake for questions.

4. Fertilizing:Wait 8-12 months before fertilizing newly planted landscape plants. Late fall (October) or early spring (Late March) is the best time to apply fertilizer because the plants are building crowns and root systems which are storing nutrients for the next growing season. Once a year fertilization with a balance of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus is important for optimal plant health. A balanced slow-release 12-12-12 analysis fertilizer is best for most plants. For shrubs, apply 2-4 lbs. of fertilizer per 100 sq. feet of bed area and for trees, apply 1 lb. of fertilizer per 1 inch of trunk diameter evenly under the tree canopy. Do not over fertilize! Under fertilizing is better than applying too much. Over fertilization can harm or burn plant roots. After spreading the fertilizer, incorporate the fertilizer into the top 1-2 inches of soil by watering heavily or raking. To find the exact fertilizer requirements of your landscape plants, its best to perform a soil test to find lacking nutrients. To perform a soil test or to request a yearly fertilization program of your landscape plants, please contact for questions and assistance.  

Plant Guarantee

Important Warranty Information

Ø   Maintaining your new landscape is not difficult, just to remember that plants are living things and require special care. Once I have installed or sold plant material, you are responsible for the continued health and vigor of your plants. Please use this sheet that will given to you that includes after-planting maintenance to give you guidelines for general plant care.

Ø   Uhlenhake Landscape & Design LLC will not replace plants that die from the lack of maintenance. The purchaser is responsible for proper care of plants to protect their guarantee/warranty. A site visit may be done to see if proper plant care had taken place. Also, plants loss due to abnormal weather conditions (flood, drought, ect.) will not be covered.

Ø   The warranties DO NOT apply to these plants when purchased from or installed by Alex Uhlenhake: Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Cherry, My Monet Weigela, Hemlocks, Dogwoods, and all perennials, annuals, and grass seeds.

Ø   If you have any questions about the warranties, please don’t hesitate to call Alex at (419) 953-1238.


A.  Any plant material sold but not installed by Uhlenhake Landscape & Design LLC is guaranteed for 90 days from the date of purchase for 50% of the purchase price.

a.        Plantings not alive at the end of the guarantee period can be re-bought for 50% of their original cost.

B.   Any plant material sold and installed by Uhlenhake Landscape & Design LLC is guaranteed for 1 year from the date of planting for 50% of the purchase price.

a.       Plantings not alive at the end of the guarantee period can be re-bought for 50% of their original cost. Plants will be replaced once they are found dead and there may be a labor charge for replanting plants under the guarantee.

Combination Growing Mix

Uhlenhake Landscape & Design exclusively uses a custom blended growing mix during the installation of plants. After much research, we have found that by custom blending this mix ourselves, better growing results will follow in the years after planting.

Growing Mix is applied to all Plant Installations for No Charge!


1.     75% Milorgranite Organic Fertilizer

2.     15% Terra-Sorb Water Absorbing Crystals

3.     10% Mycorrhizal Fungi

- For more information about this growing mix, visit

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