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We have all the topsoil and compost your looking for. Don't know how much you need? Use the cubic yards calculator to help determine what you need. Please call or stop by for more information on products, current promotions and prices. Delivery or pick-up is available. Call/Text 419-953-1238 to make an appointment to set up your delivery or to be loaded. 

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We Delivery!
A small fee between $20-$50 will be charged for delivery depending on location. 

Buy in large quantity and save! 

 Purchase 10-19 yards - $1.00 Off Per Yard
Purchase 20+ yards - $2.00 Off Per Yard


Premium Topsoil
Bulk Price: $25.00 / Yard - Screened, Fine Textured Soil. Dry and broken down for easy handling. Stored inside. Great for seeding grass and landscape beds. 

Unscreened Topsoil
Bulk Price: $15.00 / Yard - Taken off a sheep pasture, this topsoil is broken up and dry. A few rocks may be present. It is a cheaper option when soil fill is needed. Still the same great quality topsoil as the premium, just unscreened.

Bulk Price: $25.00 / Yard - A leaf, mulch and cow manure composted mix. Great for adding to landscape beds and gardens. Oderless and fully composted for a year.

Before and After Composting 

Before Composting

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